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Legal Set Up for Success

Set Up

Incorporation, Tax Number and IRS autorization, Permits and Sanitary Resolutions, Shareholders Agreements, Vesting, Bank Accounts Qualification.


Shareholders agreements, Board Consents, Checklists, Convertible Notes, Safes, Investors and Public Funds.


Stock Options, Labor Contracts, Consulting Agreements, Condifential Information and Non Compete.


Non-Disclousure Agreements, Service Contracts with third parties, Lease Agreements, Internal Regulations.


Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Agreements, Ordinary and Extraordinary Board of Directors Meetings, Other Specific Issues.

Web and Apps

Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Personal Data Usage, E-Commerce.

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Free: Digital Backup of your Legal Paperwork; Detailed Monthly Reports; Upfront Fees (No surprises!); Executive Summaries of Legal Paperwork.

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